Thursday, September 29, 2016

Round 3: Moon

Round 3: Moon (S1)

  • Anaya aged into a toddler.
  • Odawa gave birth to twin girls, Harmonia and Serenity.
  • Karok is happy about new daughters, but is anxious for a son and heir to carry the family name.

Round 3 brings more changes to the Moon clan, the twins soon become toddlers which mean Karok and Odawa spend most of their time focused on the girls and teaching basic life skills.

Anaya, now a child, is often left tending to the fields alone while her parents take care of her sisters. Being oldest isn't always best she soon discovers.


Luckily it isn't all hard work and no play, Anaya wishes to become friends with Thunder Baxoje and her father sends word to his father, Ioway Baxoje and soon the two visit the Moon clan so the kids can enjoy each other's company and play games and a friendship is quickly formed between the pair.

Karok, a family sim, still wants more children and a male heir to continue the family name and tries to convince Odawa to try again for another baby.


It didn't take long to convince Odawa and soon she was pregnant once again.


The constant care of three children and the upkeep of the fields eventually took a toll on Odawa causing her to go into early labor and almost miscarrying the unborn child. Though Odawa had been reluctant to have another child before, she certainly did not want to lose the baby and made sure to take it easy for the remainder of the pregnancy.


Time continued to fly by in the Moon family and soon the twins had grown into beautiful little girls, anxious to explore this new stage in their life. Their big sister Anaya was happy to see them grown because they could all finally play together. (Serenity left, Harmonia right..I think LOL)

Everyday also brought Odawa closer and closer to the end of her pregnancy. She noticed how different she felt and looked in this pregnancy and suspected that she may be carrying more than one child again. She moved a lot slower and often slept most of the day.


Karok knew how important it was for Odawa to have peace and quiet, so he often took the girls hiking to allow her to have time alone to rest. After one of the hiking trips, Harmonia discovered some of the deadly insects and got too close to them causing her to fall ill very quickly. Karok immediately set up a tent for her to recover in alone because he knew how fast the sickness could spread to the others and feared what would happen if the entire clan became ill. Unfortunately, while caring for his sick daughter, he too became ill before long.

Amidst the sickness of her daughter and husband, Odawa's labor finally started and though it was difficult and scary, she brought three new lives into the world: two daughters, Sansa and Daenerys and last but not least a son and heir to the Moon clan, Varys! Karok and Odawa were so happy to have healthy children and finally a heir, but life would be even harder now with three new mouths to feed and a terrible sickness in their family. Though the odds are stacked against them, will this clan of eight be strong enough to make it through the times ahead of them?

Sansa Moon: Hair- TBD, Eyes, TBD, Skin- TBD
Daenerys Moon: Hair- TBD, Eyes- TBD, Skin- TBD
Varys Moon: Hair- TBD, Eyes- TBD, Skin- TBD


Author's Notes: It really does seem that the Moon family pulled the shortest end of the stick out of all my founding families. Three pregnancies, one almost ending in miscarriage and they ended up with five girls and ONE boy LOL! Even the bad luck Shiloh clan managed to have two sons! Not only that, but the trash bin seems to always get knocked over which eventually brought the roaches. I tried my best to keep them from stomping and spraying, but in the end Harmonia was the one that snuck past me after their hike and I caught her stomping them, but as soon as I canceled the action I got the notification that she had the flu! Literally a minute later, Karok caught it too even though he wasn't anywhere near her at the time *eye roll*.. And of course Odawa goes into labor at that exact moment. I hit the random button and got triplets this time which gives them a total of six kids and believe me when I say I was so happy that they finally got a boy because I was getting so worried that she would keep having girls! Odawa is getting close to elder age and won't be able to have more kids soon so this little boy will have to be protected at all times for sure! Don't laugh at me for the names, I honestly blanked and Game of Thrones was the first thing that popped into my head so I just picked the names of some of my favorite characters and went with it LOL! Oh well this marks the end of Round 3. The Nantego clan is next for Round 4 and I'm excited to keep this challenge going. Thanks for sticking with me, until next time!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Round 3: Baxoje

Round 3: Baxoje (S2&S3)

The addition of triplets made life for the Baxoje clan very challenging. Juggling three toddlers at once left little time for tending to the fields and fishing for food. The crops as a result were in bad shape from the neglect but thanks to Akecheta most of the harvest was preservable.

Shawnee Lakota randomly visited the Baxoje clan and Akecheta was happy to have him join his fishing time since his parents were often busy with the triplets.

I found it funny that this random townie walked by the Baxoje lot and knocked over their trash can. I figured she must be upset that townies can't be included in the challenge and purposely wants to bring sickness into their village. Damn townies!

Birthday time! 




This here is Summer's version of 'making friends' with Anaya Moon.. Lol!

Now that the triplets are child aged, the Baxoje household is a lot more calm but it also means the triplets have plenty of work to do to keep them busy; those crops aren't going to tend to themselves!


Author's Notes: If you think twins are a handful, triplets are a nightmare! The garden was nearly dead from the neglect since Ioway and Dawn had literally no time to deal with it but Akecheta saved it with constant tending, watering and spraying. I admit I aged the triplets up a day early because my game started to get a bit lagging and I was afraid that it would crash and I'd lose all my progess so I was constantly saving every 10 minutes and eventually just aged them up. The Moon family update is last and then it'll be time for Round 4 which means teenagers are coming soon! Thanks for reading! :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Round 3: Lakota

Round 3: Lakota (S4)

Ravena was still very upset and heartbroken over the miscarriage of her child. Shawnee made sure to take extra care of his mate and uplift her in her time of grief. 

With the sudden miscarriage and two active toddlers, Neptune quickly became responsible for the health and care of the crops. Though he'd rather spend his time swimming in the ocean and building sandcastles on the shore, he knew how important the crops were and understood at such a young age that as the eldest son and heir that responsibility would always be priority.

Now that Falcon and Hawk were mobile, the pair of them took up so much of Ravena and Shawnee's attention. They would barely have energy left to care for themselves after a day of caring for the twins. Even though it was hard work, the boys were a welcome addition and made sure there was never a dull moment in the Lakota village.

It wasn't all work and no play for Neptune though. He was allowed to have the neighboring clan children over for playtime where he could get to know everyone and form friendships. His parents were especially interested in him meeting young Onyx Nantego for the sake of a possible match when the youngsters would come of age. It would seem that Onyx wasn't very interested in making friends with Neptune at first, but eventually warmed to the idea after a round of tag.

Pyralis Shiloh and Anaya Moon also appeared to be keeping their friendship strong which would indeed please both children's parents since a match was in mind for the pair as well.

The time came once again for more birthdays and this time would be Falcon and Hawk's turn. (Hawk, top/Falcon, bottom)

The twins wasted no time doing their fair share of the work on the village which I'm sure was a happy change for Neptune. No more tending to the crops and fishing alone!

Though Ravena was happy to have her healthy three sons, she desperately wanted a daughter and convinced Shawnee that she was ready to try again for another child.

It didn't take much to convince Shawnee due to the couple conceiving so quickly afterwards and by first snow fall, Ravena was well into her second trimester and couldn't be more happier.

With the weather bringing snow, it wasn't long before the pond froze over meaning no more fishing for a time. Two more mouths to feed and a pregnant wife meant the Lakota family quickly ran out of their stock of fish for the cold winter months. Starvation would be imminent if Shawnee could not provide food for his family.

His only hope was to send out a fire signal to his friend Karok Moon from another clan far away for help. The message was received in time and Karok made the journey over as quickly as possible.

Shawnee was so thankful to have a true friend like Karok to help his family in their time of need and vowed to never forget the kind gesture.

Ravena was so anxious to finally have food to prepare for her family that she accidently burned the dinner but they would still have to make due with what they had.

The burnt fish seemed to make Ravena feel a bit sick, but the boys were just happy to have food in their bellies!


Author's Notes: Wow! Round 3 was a challenge with the Lakota family but everyone luckily made it to the next round. Twins in the Sims 2 are much more difficult to keep up with versus Sims 3 in my opinion, but in the end I Ravena and Shawnee managed to get through it alive. As I stated in the update, Neptune is matched with Onyx Nantego with her being the eldest S4 daughter and him being heir but it's still pretty early and things could always change... As far as the running out of food issue goes, they did indeed run out of bass fish and I panicked but I figured they were all going to starve due to the pond freezing over and I had to act fast because I honestly didn't want to lose the entire family like that. I didn't realize that the panic could have all been avoided (and trading with Karok Moon) until I started playing the Baxoje family and discovered that you can cook blackened catfish on the grill once you have 2 cooking skills points thanks to Dawn for having catfish in her inventory! The Lakotas actually have plenty of catfish but it was all in Shawnee's inventory which is why the option didn't show up for Ravena to cook it and Shawnee only has 1 cooking skill point which means he can't cook it at all! OMG I sure made that complicated for myself didn't I? LOL!!! Oh well you live and learn :)

Bonus picture! Poor Hawk spent too much time playing in the snow and got too cold! I had to let him play on the couch to get his temp back up before those damn social workers showed up LOL!