Monday, August 14, 2017

Shiloh Clan: Generation 1 Recap

Generation 1 Founder: River Shiloh
Generation 1 Mate: Iris-Sun Shiloh
Aspiration: Fortune
Skin: S1
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Light Blue

Generation 1 Founder: Iris-Sun Shiloh
Generation 1 Mate: River Shiloh
Aspiration: Popularity
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green

Generation 2 Heir: Pyralis Shiloh
Children: Pyralis, Emerald-Rain, Liam, Amethyst-Sky
Number of Children Survived: 4

Round One

- The Shiloh clan is not favored by the Spirits and suffers a drought in the first season
- No rain and constant heat day and night result in many heat strokes for the clan
- The clan barely escaped starvation due to the lack of bass fish caught
- Despite the unfortunate events, Iris Sun gave birth to son and heir, Pyralis Shiloh

Round Two

- The Shiloh clan was blessed with another child, daughter Emerald-Rain Shiloh
- The drought ended with the first rain fall following the birth of Emerald-Rain
- Tragedy struck once again when a strange man snuck into the lot and stole from the clan (damn burglar!)
- Though upset about the strange man stealing their possessions, the family was happy to have conceived another child that would be joining the family in the next season.

Round Three

- Winter has come for the Shiloh clan but the relentless heat continues which takes a toll on Iris-Sun causing her to almost miscarry her unborn child
- Pyralis ages into child
- Emerald-Rain ages into toddlerhood
- Iris-Sun gives birth to another son, Liam Shiloh
- Things are improving for the clan when an unexpected deadly bug infestation shows up on their lot
- River successfully gets rid of the infestation but in return catches the deadly sickness
- Seclusion and proper rest heals him from the sickness and prevents it from spreading to the others
- Liam ages into a toddler
- Emerald-Rain ages into childhood with her brother Pyralis

Round Four

-Iris Sun becomes pregnant again

-Pyralis and Emerald-Rain befriend Anaya, Serenity, and Harmonia Moon

-Iris-Sun gives birth to a baby girl, Amethyst-Sky

-Liam aged up into a child

-Pyralis aged into teen, taking his place as heir to the Shiloh clan

River has passed the torch to Pyralis and generation two has began...

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Nantego Clan: Generation 1 Recap


Generation 1 Founder: Umon Nantego
Generation 1 Partner: Tetia Nantego
Aspiration: Family
Skin: S4
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Dark Blue

Generation 1 Founder: Tetia Nantego
Generation 1 Partner: Umon Nantego
Aspiration: Knowledge
Skin: S4
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Generation 2 Heir: Titan Nantego
Children: Onyx, Titan, Ursa, Sapphire, Sterling
Number of Children Survived: 5

Round One

- Nantego lot is built, main focus is farming and fishing
- Tetia is pregnant before end of round one, Onyx Nantego is born (girl)
- During a clan gathering Umon is caught kissing Ravena Lakota by Tetia; while furious she doesn't attack either sims.

Round Two

- Tetia forgives Umon for his indiscretions and all is well
- Onyx ages into toddler
- Tetia becomes pregnant again and gives birth to son and heir, Titan Nantego
- Preparations are made for upcoming Winter season, Tetia becomes pregnant

Round Three

- Onyx becomes child, Titan ages to childhood before season is over

- Tetia gives birth to daughter Ursa Nantego, she ages to toddler soon after
- All Nantegos survive the winter, no snow until end of season

Round 4

- Onyx develops her friendship with Neptune Lakota

- Tetia becomes pregnant again
- Onyx and Titan improves fishing skill

- Ioway and his daughters Stormy and Summer visited to Nantego clan, children got along well
- The family crops continued to expand and flourish which led to a great harvest
- Umon took Onyx and Titan hiking and returned with poison ivy

- Ursa learned all life skills and grew up well into childhood

- Onyx aged to teen 

- Tetia gave birth to her first set of twins, a boy, Sterling and a girl, Sapphire

Round 5

- Onyx and Neptune Lakota develop romantic feelings and fall in love with each other


-During a hunting trip, Onyx runs into Neptune and the two love birds find a secluded spot to woohoo for the first time.

-Twins Sapphire and Sterling age into toddlers


-It isn't long before Onyx realizes that her fun with Neptune might have consequences, nonetheless the confirmation comes as a shock.

-Titan ages to teen and takes his place as heir to the Nantego clan

-One late night Umon hears strange noises coming from outside the family hut and goes to investigate. Everyone else joins him and stands in disbelief at what they find...


-Umon had heard about the kidnapping of the Moon children so to find Anaya and Varys Moon on his lot in the middle of the night years later was quite the surprise. Anaya, now a teen, explained that her and her siblings were kidnapped by the wild women of socialworkia and were held against their will as slaves. She knew that her only way of survival would be to escape and also had the terrible decision to make of which sibling she'd be able to save. Ultimately when the time came to make her escape, she grabbed her toddler brother Varys (now a child) and headed for the woods. The siblings hid out in the wilderness for years just barely surviving before wandering onto the Nantego lot. Anaya feared that if she returned home, the wild women would come find them and kill her entire family. She explained that she would only need to take shelter with the Nantegos until Varys became a teen and could take his place as heir. Umon look upon the children seeing how scratched and bruised they were not wanting to imagine the horrible things they'd been through and immediately welcomed them into his home.

-Anaya and Varys were finally safe from the danger of the wild women

-Onyx and Anaya were childhood friends so she trusted her not to tell the secret of her being with child


-When some of the Nantegos fell ill with the sickness, Anaya shared a special soup she learned while kidnapped. She also showed them a new way of cooking food by building the first "cookstove" Onyx had even seen. (Stoves and grandma's comfort soup are now unlocked)

-As time passed Onyx's belly began to swell more and more and she knew she couldn't hide it much longer.


-Umon was extremely upset by the news of the impending child since Onyx and Neptune Lakota had not had a committed ceremony before engaging in relations. Onyx was forced to leave the lot and was told not to return. Tetia loved Onyx but was disappointed and upset as well but there was nothing to be done since Umon had made his decision. Anaya did not want her friend to be alone, so she decided that she and Varys would leave with her.

-Umon shared the information of Onyx's disgrace with Shawnee Lakota, Neptune's father and he agreed with the punishment of their actions. Neptune would also be forced out of the Lakota lot relinquishing his right as heir.


-Titan and Ursa were both sad to see Onyx leave but they had to keep moving on with life and the daily farming and fishing were sure to keep them busy


-The round ends with Sterling and Sapphire aging into children

Now that Titan had aged to teen generation one had ended and it was time for Umon to pass the torch to his son...

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Hello reader! Thanks for stopping by my Test of Test blog, as you can see the blog has not been updated for some time, but I bring good news: I'm planning on doing  major recaps for generation 1 and 2 before I start the Roman Era. I will no longer be posting rounds instead I'll just update with highlights within the generations. I am currently playing round 8 and expect to start the Roman Era in round 10 or 11. Once I start the Roman Era I'll try my best to keep the blog update more often! Feel free to check out the Family Trees for a sneak peek of all my new sims. :)

Thanks for reading! -OP

Monday, November 14, 2016

Round 4: Lakota

Round 4: Lakota

Round 3 Recap: Ravena recovered from her sudden miscarriage, She and Shawnee focused all attention on new toddlers Hawk and Falcon and Neptune took responsibility for family crops and made many new acquaintances. Twins Hawk and Falcon aged into children and Ravena became pregnant once again with hopes of a daughter in mind. Lastly, with more mouths to feed the Lakota clan quickly ran of out food during the winter and Shawnee set up a trade with family friend Karok Moon ensuring their survival through the winter.

On to Round 4...

We begin Round 4 with Ravena in labor causing her sons to freaking out!

First we have a baby boy, Wolfgang! A hand off to Shawnee means there's more...

Second we have another baby boy, Hunter!

And lastly we have, wait for it... another baby boy, Coyote!

Wolfgang Lakota
Hair: Black
Eyes: Default Green 
Skin: S4 w/freckles

Hunter Lakota
Hair: Black
Eyes: Default Green
Skin: Default S4

Coyote Lakota
Hair: Black
Eyes: Default Grey
Skin: Custom S4


The older boys continue to enjoy winter while Mom and Dad take care of their new baby brothers.

Not all play though, the crops need extra care during the winter time.

One of the boys makes a wild animal friend but it runs away before it can be domesticated.

Random shot of Karok Moon coming over during dinnertime.

I guess I didn't take many photos because its already time for the triplets birthday. First we have Coyote!



Neptune also had a birthday and is now finally a teenager.

Aspiration: Family
Turn Ons: TBD
Turns Off: TBD

So clearly nothing else interesting happened, so we end Round 4 with Wolfgang, Coyote, and Hunter learning life skills.

End of Round 4 Household Funds: $1,282