Monday, November 14, 2016

Round 4: Lakota

Round 4: Lakota

Round 3 Recap: Ravena recovered from her sudden miscarriage, She and Shawnee focused all attention on new toddlers Hawk and Falcon and Neptune took responsibility for family crops and made many new acquaintances. Twins Hawk and Falcon aged into children and Ravena became pregnant once again with hopes of a daughter in mind. Lastly, with more mouths to feed the Lakota clan quickly ran of out food during the winter and Shawnee set up a trade with family friend Karok Moon ensuring their survival through the winter.

On to Round 4...

We begin Round 4 with Ravena in labor causing her sons to freaking out!

First we have a baby boy, Wolfgang! A hand off to Shawnee means there's more...

Second we have another baby boy, Hunter!

And lastly we have, wait for it... another baby boy, Coyote!

Wolfgang Lakota
Hair: Black
Eyes: Default Green 
Skin: S4 w/freckles

Hunter Lakota
Hair: Black
Eyes: Default Green
Skin: Default S4

Coyote Lakota
Hair: Black
Eyes: Default Grey
Skin: Custom S4


The older boys continue to enjoy winter while Mom and Dad take care of their new baby brothers.

Not all play though, the crops need extra care during the winter time.

One of the boys makes a wild animal friend but it runs away before it can be domesticated.

Random shot of Karok Moon coming over during dinnertime.

I guess I didn't take many photos because its already time for the triplets birthday. First we have Coyote!



Neptune also had a birthday and is now finally a teenager.

Aspiration: Family
Turn Ons: TBD
Turns Off: TBD

So clearly nothing else interesting happened, so we end Round 4 with Wolfgang, Coyote, and Hunter learning life skills.

End of Round 4 Household Funds: $1,282

Round 4: Shiloh

Round 4: Shiloh

I'm back with Round 4 of the Shiloh clan but before we get into the post, let's do a quick recap of Round 3!

Round 3 recap: The Shiloh clan were titled unluckiest family out of all the clans! The constant heat strokes and mishaps tested the family to their limits, but everyone survived nonetheless. Though it was wintertime, it didn't snow until literally the last day of the season hence the constant heat strokes. Iris-Sun managed to give birth to baby boy Liam and he successfully aged into a toddler, Pryalis and Emerald-Rain both aged to childhood, and River caught the flu and became healthy again in no time at all. Will the unlucky streak continue to follow the Shiloh clan?

*quick note:* I slacked up quite a bit on taking notes during Round 4 of the Nantego, Shiloh, and Lakota clans and it has been a while since I actually played the lots so I'm literally going off of memory and the pictures taken so if my captions are boring that's the reason. Sorries! Ok, on to Round 4!

Can you see that tiny little bump? Yep, Iris-Sun is expecting again!

River took Pryalis and Emerald-Rain (Emmie) on a hiking trip and came back without any incidents! Improvements!

Ioway Baxoje walked by and was greeted inside, he enjoyed a game of 'swing around' with one of the children during his visit.

The crops always are in need of tending.

Sibling love ^.^ 
(Pyralis is on the left and Emmie on the right, I think lol)

Second pop!

Just a extra pic of Iris-Sun being cute!

Pryalis and Emmie bonding with the Moon girls: Anaya, Serenity, and Harmonia.

Daddy duties with River and Liam :)

Emmie loves her brothers!

Iris-Sun enjoying a snuggle with her youngest child when suddenly...

...her water breaks and those all to familiar pains come over her body.

She successfully gives birth to a healthy baby girl, Amethyst-Sky!

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Default Green
Skin: S1 w/freckles

Family life :)

More Emmie and Liam spam!

The family that gardens together, stays together, LOL at Pryalis teasing poor Liam.

Poor baby just wanted some cool bugs, I love how she's upset with Pryalis like he's to blame.

And we end this round with two birthdays, Liam aging successfully into childhood and Pryalis becoming a teenager.

Aspiration: Romance
Turn Ons: TBD
Turn Off: TBD

End of Round 4 Household Funds: $2,359

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Round 4: Nantego

Round 4: Nantego Clan

Hello! I've finally found time to post Round 4 of my ToT families. I decided to take a two week break from my challenge which unfortunately turned into almost 2 months LOL. Since its been so long since I updated, I figure a recap is in order to refresh our memories of what happened in Round 3 before moving along with this update.

Round 3 Recap: The Nantego Clan had a very easy winter, Ursa was born and aged into toddlerhood, and lastly Onyx and Titan both became children. Yep that's pretty much it for Round 3, it was full of birthdays, but nothing exciting really happened.

So here we are at Round 4, I'll admit I didn't take many notes while playing and the Nantego family play session was a little over a month ago so I can't remember everything that happened. Fortunately, I did take plenty of photos so I'll try my best to make a decent summary from the progression of photos taken. So without further ado, I present Round 4 of the Nantego Clan!

Round 4 Summary

- Onyx continued to develop her friendship with Neptune Lakota
- Tetia got pregnant again
- Onyx and Titan both got better at fishing
- Ioway and his daughters Stormy and Summer visited to Nantego clan, children got along well
- Umon got fat LOL
- The family crops continued to expand and flourish which led to a great harvest
- Umon took Onyx and Titan hiking and returned with poison ivy :(
- Ursa learned all life skills and grew up well into childhood
- Onyx also had a birthday and became the first teen in my ToT Challenge!
- Tetia gave birth to her first set of twins, a boy, Sterling and a girl, Sapphire

Onyx Nantego
Aspiration: Fortune
Turn Ons: (update later)
Turn Off: (update later)

Sterling Nantego
Hair: Black
Eyes: Default Dark Blue
Skin: Custom Skin 4

Sapphire Nantego
Hair: Black
Eyes: Default Dark Blue
Skin: Custom Skin 4