Monday, November 14, 2016

Round 4: Lakota

Round 4: Lakota

Round 3 Recap: Ravena recovered from her sudden miscarriage, She and Shawnee focused all attention on new toddlers Hawk and Falcon and Neptune took responsibility for family crops and made many new acquaintances. Twins Hawk and Falcon aged into children and Ravena became pregnant once again with hopes of a daughter in mind. Lastly, with more mouths to feed the Lakota clan quickly ran of out food during the winter and Shawnee set up a trade with family friend Karok Moon ensuring their survival through the winter.

On to Round 4...

We begin Round 4 with Ravena in labor causing her sons to freaking out!

First we have a baby boy, Wolfgang! A hand off to Shawnee means there's more...

Second we have another baby boy, Hunter!

And lastly we have, wait for it... another baby boy, Coyote!

Wolfgang Lakota
Hair: Black
Eyes: Default Green 
Skin: S4 w/freckles

Hunter Lakota
Hair: Black
Eyes: Default Green
Skin: Default S4

Coyote Lakota
Hair: Black
Eyes: Default Grey
Skin: Custom S4


The older boys continue to enjoy winter while Mom and Dad take care of their new baby brothers.

Not all play though, the crops need extra care during the winter time.

One of the boys makes a wild animal friend but it runs away before it can be domesticated.

Random shot of Karok Moon coming over during dinnertime.

I guess I didn't take many photos because its already time for the triplets birthday. First we have Coyote!



Neptune also had a birthday and is now finally a teenager.

Aspiration: Family
Turn Ons: TBD
Turns Off: TBD

So clearly nothing else interesting happened, so we end Round 4 with Wolfgang, Coyote, and Hunter learning life skills.

End of Round 4 Household Funds: $1,282

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