Thursday, November 3, 2016

Round 4: Nantego

Round 4: Nantego Clan

Hello! I've finally found time to post Round 4 of my ToT families. I decided to take a two week break from my challenge which unfortunately turned into almost 2 months LOL. Since its been so long since I updated, I figure a recap is in order to refresh our memories of what happened in Round 3 before moving along with this update.

Round 3 Recap: The Nantego Clan had a very easy winter, Ursa was born and aged into toddlerhood, and lastly Onyx and Titan both became children. Yep that's pretty much it for Round 3, it was full of birthdays, but nothing exciting really happened.

So here we are at Round 4, I'll admit I didn't take many notes while playing and the Nantego family play session was a little over a month ago so I can't remember everything that happened. Fortunately, I did take plenty of photos so I'll try my best to make a decent summary from the progression of photos taken. So without further ado, I present Round 4 of the Nantego Clan!

Round 4 Summary

- Onyx continued to develop her friendship with Neptune Lakota
- Tetia got pregnant again
- Onyx and Titan both got better at fishing
- Ioway and his daughters Stormy and Summer visited to Nantego clan, children got along well
- Umon got fat LOL
- The family crops continued to expand and flourish which led to a great harvest
- Umon took Onyx and Titan hiking and returned with poison ivy :(
- Ursa learned all life skills and grew up well into childhood
- Onyx also had a birthday and became the first teen in my ToT Challenge!
- Tetia gave birth to her first set of twins, a boy, Sterling and a girl, Sapphire

Onyx Nantego
Aspiration: Fortune
Turn Ons: (update later)
Turn Off: (update later)

Sterling Nantego
Hair: Black
Eyes: Default Dark Blue
Skin: Custom Skin 4

Sapphire Nantego
Hair: Black
Eyes: Default Dark Blue
Skin: Custom Skin 4

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